Iowa Public Radio Looks Back at Six-On-Six Girl’s Basketball With Program Featuring Six-On-Six: The Musical

Iowa Public Radio Six-On-Six Basketball Show

Iowa Public Radio’s weekly Talk of Iowa program took a look back in time at six-on-six girl’s basketball in Iowa this week and featured a few members of the Six-On-Six: The Musical production team as part of the show.

The full episode includes a detailed look at the game, its end, and its lasting impact. Beginning at around the 31-minute mark, show host Charity Nebbe interviews Six-On-Six: The Musical writer Robert John Ford and direct Alison Shafer, who happened to play six-on-six herself.

Listen to the full program on the Iowa Public Radio website.

Six-On-Six: The Musical run August 3rd through the 12th at Staplin Performing Arts Center. The musical celebrates the rich tradition of six-on-six girls’ high school basketball in Iowa – its glorious history, unique rules, phenomenal popularity, colorful personalities, and the Title IX legal controversy that ultimately resulted in the game’s demise 25 years ago.

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