It’s a Hard Knock Life for the Cast of Annie

Urbandale Community Theatre Presents Annie 2019 Cast List

After a wonderful audition process, the production team for this summer’s Annie has finalized the cast list. Thank you to everyone who came out to take part in auditions – the amount of talent in our community never fails to amaze us.

The Cast of Annie

Annie: Norah Southwick
Warbucks: Dave Wagner
Grace Farrell: Jennifer Throckmorton
Miss Hannigan: Mary Bricker
Rooster: Adam Beilgard
Lily: Zoe Murphy
Bert Healy: Nick Black
Ronnie Boylan: Chelsea Flynn
Bonnie Boylan: Savannah Trotter
Connie Boylan: Kara Green

Molly: Gabrielle Henderson
Pepper: Taylor Lantz
Duffy: Lily Cola
July: Gbomi Kayode
Tessie: Isabelle Baker
Kate: Gwen Nedved

Drake: Nick Flynn
Cecille: Lisa Wagner
Annette: Christine Yoder
Mrs. Greer: Heather Tragesser
Mrs. Pugh: Judy Blessington
Bundles: Joe Smith
Apple Seller: Madeline Allemagne
Ward: Austin Barongan-Charlton
Sophie: Chelsea Flynn
Eddy: Nick Black
Kaltenborn: Rob Larson
Ickes: Tim Pearson
Perkins: Lisa Wagner
Hull: Joe Smith
Morganthau: Kevin Allemagne
Roosevelt: Ed Truslow
Howe: Paul Honold
Brandeis: Austin Barongan-Charlton
Star To Be: Savannah Trotter
Jimmy Johnson: Kevin Allemagne
Fred McCracken/Dummy Wacky: Nick Flynn
Radio Announcer Sound Effects Man: Rob Larson

Orphan Ensemble:
Ruby Weber
Aria Wagner
Anya Kalianov
Gabriella Elliott

Evelyn Larson
Katharine Yoder
Laila Collier
Ember Tragesser

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