The Urbandale Community Theatre (UCT) was founded in 1996 in Urbandale, UCT logoIowa, as a way to promote the total theater experience in our community.

As the leadership batons are passed, ever wider horizons are ablaze as UCT has joined in active partnership with the Urbandale Community School District’s Community Education program. This new approach will ensure a smooth continuation of the annual summer Broadway musical stage production — while still emphasizing, training, featuring and supporting the work of an all-volunteer cast and crew.

UCT is Y-O-U. Our success and high quality is owed to the winning combination of young and old, first-time actors and technicians as well as the very skilled and seasoned performers of our city who gather together, often commuting from all over Iowa with one common goal — to CREATE and SUPPORT LIVE LOCAL THEATRE.

The end result is one very polished production. But don’t just believe us — here’s what our audience members have told us:

“We have seen productions on the East Coast and the West Coast and this is one of the finest productions we have ever attended.”

“We have come home to visit our parents for the summer. They have brought us here to the performance. We will schedule all of our future vacations around your production schedule.”

UCT encourages all volunteers throughout the year. If you have an interest, we will find a way for you to participate.

Join us! Remember, the show must go on.