The Urbandale Community Theatre was founded in 1996 in Urbandale, Iowa. It was developed to promote a total theater experience in our community. It is an all volunteer cast and crew. Each year we produce one Broadway musical stage production. While it is a production of all volunteers, it is a combination of young and old, first time actors and very skilled and seasoned actors. The end result, we can safely say, is one very polished production.

We have heard comments such as, “We have seen productions on the East Coast and the West Coast and this is one of the finest productions we have ever attended.” And “We have come home to visit our parents for the summer. They have brought us here to the performance. We will schedule all of our future vacations around your production schedule.”

While the actors and volunteers bring a wide variety of skill level from the beginner, to the novice, to the professional, we are proud to have a very experienced and professional director, musical director, technical director and choral director. The combination provides talent that makes for a terrific production.

Participation is encouraged by anyone who has an interest in the theater. People commute from all over Iowa to participate either as actors or crew.

You can be sure that any involvement will produce great pride in the end result. We encourage all volunteers. If you have an interest we will find a way for you to participate.

Chairperson: Skye Westendorf

Treasurer:    Carolyn Knittle

Secretary:     Eileen Boggess

Board Members:  Jo Berry, Mary Catlett, Judy Blessington, Carl Johnson


The Urbandale Community Theatre board has accepted the notice of retirement from Jo Anna Holt Mishler and thanks her for her many years of passionate support as director and board member for the organization.