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The Urbandale Community Theater has announced its summer musical production for 2015 will be Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “State Fair” (an all Iowa story!). Production dates will be July 17, 18, 19 & 24, 25, and 26. Auditions for the show will be on Monday and Tuesday, April 20th and 21st from 5:30 to 8:30 PM at Urbandale High School Performing Art Center with call backs on Thursday, April 23rd.

A variety of lead roles will provide opportunities for people of all ages (teenage through adult) to come and have a try out. Scenes for actors will be available at auditions so we may see how auditionees handle a “cold” reading. It promises to be an exciting show for both the actors on stage and the audience. Don’t be shy, come and try!

If a lead parts are not for you, how about singing with us in the Chorus? The show has great crowd scenes who join in singing about all the excitement at the Fair.

Chorus only auditionees need only to bring their own song to sing, while those interested in lead roles should look for audition cuts to be used (an accompanist will be provided). These cuts can be found at UHS and Urbandale Public Library.

If dance only is your thing, then plan on coming to the Call Back night Thursday, April 23rd when our choreographer will teach us a few “steps”.

Monday, April 20th
Tuesday, April 21st
Call backs and dance only auditions on Thursday, April 23rd.
Time: 5:30 to 8:30 PM at Urbandale High School Performing Art Center (PAC)

An audition form is available online for you to print out, fill out and bring with a resume and headshot (if you have them). Be prepared to sing and dance and have a list of any conflicts.


Cast of Characters
Abel Frake: Abel is a hardworking farmer whose gruff demeanor sometimes hides his caring nature. He takes great pride in his accomplishments: his family, his farm, and Blue Boy (the hog he has nurtured so lovingly). Because of his pride, he is determined not to lose the bet he has made with Dave Miller. Therefore, seeing to it that Blue Boy wins the competition at the State Fair means EVERYTHING to him.

Melissa Frake: Abel’s wife. She is a hardworking farm woman for whom family will always come first. She neither asks for, nor expects very much for herself because her joy comes from the accomplishments of her family. She is CONSTANTLY concerned with the well-being of her husband and children. When something TRULY wonderful actually happens to her (winning the Blue Ribbon at the State Fair), the emotions are so unfamiliar to her that she really doesn’t know how to react to the accomplishment.

Margy Frake: Abel and Melissa’s daughter. She is a simple girl has just graduated from high school. She’s looking to the future, but doesn’t know what she wants from life. As she says in the song, “It Might As Well Be Spring”, she’s “vaguely disconnected” and keeps “wishing I were somewhere else,” although she has no idea where that might be. When she agrees to consider her boyfriend, Harry’s, marriage proposal after the Fair, the impending decision weighs heavily upon her. While she knows that he will be a good husband and do everything to make her happy, meeting the MUCH more-worldly, Pat Gilbert, makes her realize that she won’t find whatever she’s been YEARNING for in Harry.

Wayne Frake: Abel and Melissa’s son. He is a young farmer who is very content with his life. He adores his girlfriend, Eleanor, but her decision to go away to college throws him off-balance. Receiving attention from the sophisticated Emily, gives him a false sense of maturity and importance as he thinks, “Who needs Eleanor, anyway????” Ultimately he realizes that he would never be happy with any life other than the one that he has with Eleanor and the farm.

Harry: Margy’s boyfriend. He is an extremely earnest and hardworking farmer who has his ENTIRE LIFE planned out… a life that revolves around Margy. Therefore, when she turns down his marriage proposal, he is suddenly faced with an uncertain future that he had NEVER anticipated (or pre-planned). Although Harry is a somewhat comic character, it is essential that we believe his proposal is a REALISTIC OPTION for Margy.

Emily Arden: Wayne’s Temptress. She has worked extremely hard to overcome the unhappy circumstances of her past. She dreams of a career on Broadway and is single-minded in her focus to achieve that dream. Meeting Wayne reminds her of the sort of life that she is giving up as she pursues her goal. Having been hurt herself, she wants to make sure that Wayne doesn’t get hurt in the same way.

Pat Gilbert: Margy’s Temptor. Pat is a seasoned reporter who got his first break on the shores of Iwo Jima. He is a smart and funny man who pushes Margy to consider her life, her goals, and her very meaning in a new way.

Gus: the Frakes’ hired hand
Dave Miller: the local storekeeper
The Fair Announcer
The Hoop-La Barker
Vivian: an acquaintance of Pat’s, although he doesn’t even remember her name – they were together on V-J day
Charlie: a newspaper photographer and Pat’s “wingman”.
Lem: a farmer
Clay: a farmer
Hank Munson: a farmer
The Chief of Police
Violet: The Chief of Police’s daughter
The Fairtones: A quartet. They blend extremely well and are great singers who back up Emily’s act.
Judge Heppenstahl: the HEAD Judge at the mincemeat competition
Mrs. Edwin Metcalf of Pottsville (Melissa’s major competition in the mincemeat category)
Various barkers, judges, and fair-goers along the midway.

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NOTE: Call backs  are NOW Thursday, April 23  in the PAC starting at 5:30pm (replacing Weds.) Look for an official update soon.



UCT Board Member – interested? Join us!

Production Stage Manager (Assistant Director) NEED
must attend all rehearsals starting May

Three Assistant Stage Managers for July only
SR Assistant Stage manager (student) #1 Rachel Henderson
SL Assistant Stage manager (student) #2 need
Green Room Assistant Stage manager (student) #3 need

Choreographer NEED

(Master) Carpenter NEED or Technical Director in charge of organizing set, lights, planning the build, organizing tech days and tech budget NEED

Lighting board operator (could be student) need
Sound designer Need
Sound board operator (could be student) need

Optional  Makeup

SOON  House Manager/Box Office/Ushers/Ticket Takers

Current team members: Director Kelly Thompson, Vocal Director Mike Cooper, Orchestra/Instrumental Carl Johnson, Costumer Gwynne Burke, Set Design/Scenic Design Ellen Hammond

Volunteer for STATE FAIR’s production team: Submit your name, resume and positions you are interested in by contacting us at urbandalecommunitytheatre@gmail.com or send us the volunteer application at urbandaletheatre.com
  • AUDITIONS  will be held Monday, April 20 and 21 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Callbacks on Weds. April 22 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Details of cast requirements:  http://www.rnh.com/show/92/State-Fair#shows-castrequirements
  • Show dates are July 17-19 and July 24-26, 2015

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